Amazing Tips for the Greyhound Betting

Greyhound racing is a historical sport which began in Europe and was brought over to New Zealand by settlers. Initially, it involved setting a pack of fast running site hound on live prey such as a rabbit. From there it evolved into running the dogs on a track with the live prey as a lure. These days there is no more live prey involved and instead, the dogs chase a mechanical lure. Some unscrupulous trainers still train their dogs with a live rabbit tied to a lure, but that is heavily frowned upon.

Poll Position

As all greyhound races are run on an oval track, the dog who draws the inside box has the best chances. This is because he has to run a shorter distance than a dog who draws the outside box. All dogs will try to get to the inside rail before the first turn and there will usually be lots of jostling. Watch the dog with the inside line as he usually comes out of the turn first, drastically increasing his chances of crossing the line first.

Weight Changes and Age

As with all racing sports, information on the dogs is freely available on the internet. This includes their age, weight and past performance. A dog with a drastic weight change may indicate an illness. Depending on the particular dog, this may be a significant indicator as to their chances of winning or placing.

Although greyhounds have a lifespan of about 13 years, they usually retire from racing at about 5 years old. Younger dogs tend to swing more when it comes to performance, with older dogs being more consistent. The sex of the dog also plays a part with bitches running better when they are about four years old, while dogs tend to run better at about three years old.

Know Your Dogs

As with horse racing, bloodlines play a part in how well the dog may perform. Good bloodlines tend to produce more consistent winners which fall into the favourite category more often than untried bloodlines. It is good to note, however, that even bloodlines can’t compete with an animal with heart. Look closely at the dog’s previous form for a runner which has beaten the odds a number of times. There have been a few notable examples of this in both the equine and the canine world.

Knowing which dogs prefer which kind of conditions is important. New Zealand is well known for its inclement weather, and not all dogs like running in the rain. Some dogs also prefer to start in a box further out from the inside rail, these are called scouts. Knowing what each dog prefers will go a long way in helping your wager to be successful.

Choose Your Site

Choosing your betting site for New Zealand greyhound racing is just as important as knowing the dogs themselves. Make sure that you understand all the different kinds of bets, and focus on ones which are equal to your experience level. A good Australian betting site will offer a wide range of betting markets as well as a good range of races to bet on, including October’s popular Caulfield Cup betting action. Free bets are another thing to look out for as some sites offer great offers for new members. Choose a site which has good specials as well as good odds which suit your personal preference.