Bear Tracks Online Slot Guide for Casino Players

Bear Tracks is an online slot title developed by Novomatic. This title features five reels and 40 pay lines that players can activate. Bear Tracks requires a minimum wager of $0.01 to activate a pay line and accepts a wager of $200 to activate all the pay lines with the maximum wager per pay line. Bear Tracks as the title suggests is a slot game featured around tracking and catching bears. Not just big Grizzly Bears, but bears of all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

The Bear Tracks Slot In Game Options

There are a variety of options at the bottom of your Bear Tracks slot display that you may use to customize your game experience. The Lines button is where players can adjust which pay lines they want active for their next spin. The Bet option is where you adjust how many in game coins you wish to wager on those pay lines. Once decided, players can simply click the Start button.

The Auto Play button allows players to make multiple spins at specified wager values. The Pay table button displays the Bear Tracks pay out values for each symbol. Credit will display how much cash is in your game account. Last Win keeps a record of all your successful wagers. The Gamble button gives players the option to make an additional wager after a winning pay out. Players can risk doubling or quadrupling their win. If you lose this second wager though, you lose the entire pay out for that round.

The Bear Tracks Bear Selection

Bear Tracks features 10 symbols that result in pay outs, not including the Bear Tracks wild and Bonus symbol. Like in some other casino slots, all symbols require at least three matching symbols, from left to right on an activated pay line. The Ten and Jack symbols are worth 25 coins for three matches and 250 coins for the maximum payout of five matching symbols. The King and Queen symbols will pay out 300 coins for five matching symbols. The Ace is worth 375 coins for five matching symbols.

The stars of the game are of course the bears themselves. The koala Bear is worth between 50 and 500 coins. The Panda bear is worth 75 and 625 coins. The Black Bear is worth between 75 and 750 coins. The Grizzly Bear is worth 100 to 875 coins while the Polar bear offers a maximum payout of 1000 coins. The Bear Tracks wild symbol offers the highest pay out. 2500 coins are paid out for five matching symbols.

The Bear Tracks Bonus Features

Bear Tracks features random stacked symbols that will appear on the reels. Symbols that randomly become stacked can trigger any of the pay lines for a win. The Bear Paw icon is the in game bonus trigger and once this icon appears stacked on the reels, additional bonus features will trigger. Once the stacked Bear Paw symbols appear, they will be held in place while the reels re spin. With every bear paw icon that appears during the res pins, whenever it lands it will remain in place. The goal is to fill the screen with these bear paws which will trigger 15 free spins. During the free spins round, if you fill the first reel with bear symbols, the bears will become trapped and remain on the reel until the free spins end. These bear symbols are wild and can substitute the value of any symbol required to complete a winning combination.