More Details about the Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos in Ireland

With the enactment of the Gambling Control bill of 2013, the land based casino landscape of Ireland has changed significantly. The new law places tight restrictions on the size and scope of land based casinos.

Land based casinos can host no more than 25 slot machines and no more than 15 table games at a single location. Land based casinos can be found all across Ireland. Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos now enjoy a well regulated environment. Legally they are also required to contribute to a social fund that assist problem gamblers and protects vulnerable individuals.

Where To Find The Best Irish Casinos

With Dublin as the capital of Ireland, it goes without saying that Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos can be found here. That said, land based casinos can be found across the country. The Macau Sporting Club and The Bank Casino and Card Club can be found in Cork.

These two venues offer bars, hotels and many other facilities in short distances from the venues. Both are located near Cork International Airport. The Riverside Club is another great land based casino located in Drogheda. This casino is only available to members of the private Casino Club.

As stated however, Dublin is the place to be for Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos. Dublin features 11 land based casinos. Players can make use of Dublin Airport to reach these establishments. Most of these venues require a minimum age of 21 to be allowed entry. Many of these casinos do not serve alcoholic drinks, but they are usually located near many clubs, pubs and restaurants.

One of Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos is the Sporting Emporium Club in Anne’s Lane. This venue is very upmarket. It provides a safe and fun casino environment, even going so far as recording a biometric scan of customers upon entry. The Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino stands out as it is operated 24 hours a day. Entry is free, but players must register as a member when they enter. For this, they will receive a free €10 complimentary bet. Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos, through proper regulation, offers an exciting and safe casino gaming environment.

Irish Casino Table Games

Like Canadian-friendly sites having a great selection, Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos offer a wide selection of casino games. Players can take part in table games that include a host of Poker variants, black jack, roulette and more. Many of Ireland’s Biggest and Best Land Based Casinos offer regular card tournaments with great jackpot prizes. Irish Casinos are limited to a maximum of 15 table games per venue.

Irish Casino Slot Games

Players can also expect the best international slot games from the biggest developers. All games can be played with real money. With the strict regulation on land based casinos, players can rest assured that all games will be monitored and check for fairness. This is done by auditing the Random Number Generator software in all video slot titles. Irish Slot titles are limited to 25 games per venue.