Reviewing Hole in One Scratch Card Game

Hole in One is a golf themed virtual scratch card game from Swedish developer Play n Go. Scratch cards are a form of gambling that has been around for many years. Popular because it is quick and relatively cheap, these cards could be bought all over the place, including in grocery stores. With the birth of the internet and online and mobile casinos, scratch cards have taken off in the virtual world with literally thousands to choose form. No longer do you have to get into a your car or walk down to the corner shop to play a scratch card, now all you need is an internet connection and a mobile device.

Hole in One Mobile Scratch Card

Hole in one is mostly aimed at players who use mobile devices, such as tablets, smart phones and even smart watches. This little game doesn’t have huge animated graphics, so is perfect to play on the smaller touch screen of a smart watch. To find the game, one simply either searches for it online using a web browser and a search engine, or you can go into your app store and look for it by name. Once found, you may be required to create an account and enter personal details should you be playing with real money. This is to prevent fraud, and to protect both yourself and the casino that is hosting the game, so do not be alarmed.

Hole in One Theme and Feel

This is most definitely a golf themed scratch card and that cannot be mistaken. The background is a pretty green golf course and all the symbols are golf related. You may come across golf carts, golf clubs, a golfing jacket and golf balls. All the players necessary information can be found to the right of the card, with things like Balance, your bet and the Buy Card button. Effort has been put into the details of this card, for example when you scratch off the rosettes the scratching surface jumps out at you as if there were real filaments coming off the card. The sounds associated with the scratching are not too tiresome. Particularly well done is the way the graphics follow your finger without delay when you run it over the screen.

How to Play Hole in One

Playing Hole in One is very simple. Find a casino or app via your web browser or app store that hosts the game. Once you have chosen your casino, create an account and look for the game under Other Games or a similar tab. Swipe through the cards until you find one that you think is lucky, and click on the buy card button to purchase the card. You can now scratch off the rosettes with your finger as you would with a real scratch card. Should you not want to take the time to do each rosette one by one, you can click on the Reveal All button which will do it for you. The aim of the game is to get three symbols in a row, either across, up and down or diagonally. Each symbol has a different value and will result in a different outcome.